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Nice that you dropped by. Some quick explanation about this Video Platform.

PM Video is a Video platform that provides most well researched, no-nonsense and meaningful videos that are more focused on “Quality of Content” instead of just the “Quality of Presentation”.

This platform has “Free Videos” which will keep growing and has shorter but very meaningful content as well as “Paid Packages”, which are available at prices that are easy on your pocket.

The “Paid Packages” have been designed in such a way that one does not have to buy the entire package just to focus on certain topics. Apart from larger packages that encompass several videos, there are “Topic Specific” packages as well, giving you several options to choose just the material that you are looking for.

At PM-Pulse, we focus on Content and Quality above everything else and PM Video is no different.

Please explore the various offerings on this platform that will enrich your Project Management Journey.

Major Categories of All Offerings
PM Video [Powered By PM-Pulse] has come out with a bouquet of courses and material to help you ace PMP Exams. Each of the Courses for PMP are very well researched and complete in all respects and help you ace PMP Exams without any stress or mugging up.
Our focus has been “Understanding” instead of cramming.
Each of these offerings are the most effective and necessary tools for ensuring that you not only ACE PMP Exams but also become practically effective in Project Management.
Apart from the best material in the industry, you also get another advantage. Once you subscribe with any of our courses you automatically get a 10% DISCOUNT on any other course from PM Videos.
Go through all the packages we have for you and subscribe to the ones you like.

Best of luck for you PMP Exams.
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