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About Us


PM-Video is a wholly owned concern of PM-Pulse. PM-Pulse is a Global Registered Education Provider of PMI, USA.

PM-Pulse always seeks to create unique solutions and services in the field of Project Management. PM -video is one such initiative.

Project Management is not just a business for us, it’s a “Passion”. Authentic and well researched Project Management courses do not have to come with a very severe price- tag. This is something that we have always believed in. While the world of “Project Management” sustains and nurtures us, we have never made it into just another soul- less “Consulting and Training Business”.

Our original intention was to host our videos on “The most famous Video Platform” but we decided against it. Though well intended, that platform has become just a “Cheap Source” of training and the training providers keep the fees excessively low by cutting all possible corners, hosting incomplete content and by focusing entirely on “Video Editing Skills” and “Glamor Quotient” instead of “Educational Value” and “Authenticity of Content”. This has been the prime reason for us to create a “Video Platform” of our own.

We do not compete with anyone, we do not even do much advertising (how can we be expected to keep our content quality high without charging high fees if we advertise like everyone else) and just rely on word of mouth and people eventually finding us in their tryst to get the best content on Project Management.

  • 1. Written and published several books on Project Management which have been globally successful.
  • 2. Consulted (and still do) in 16 Countries that are spread over 3 continents
  • 3. Mastered most of the scheduling tools popular in the world of Project Management
  • 4. Consulted organizations in “Organizational Re-Structuring” as well as “Project Complexity Calculations”.
  • 5. Created the first ever audio platform ( in the world that is entirely dedicated to the world of Project Management.
  • 6. Created the site ( which has enormous amount of interesting and amazing content connected to Project Management.

And we intend to keep on creating some of the best, most meaningful and practically relevant content on Project Management which would be instrumental in transforming the career and effectiveness of Project Professionals globally.