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PM Dhwani - The First Audio Platform On Project Management

Apart from being the very first Audio Platform in the world on Project Management, PM Dhwani contains amazing audios that have been crafted keeping in mind that you would only be listening to the audio and all information has to be explained from those audios. Crystal clear voice, made in smaller bits and comprehensive coverage is our moto. Visit the site and also check out the tons of "Free Audios" that we keep posting there.
Best Books On PMP Exams - Read & Pass Notes

Unconventional, easy to understand, engaging, colourful, filled with illustrations and replete with real-world examples, are just some of the features of these three books written on PMP. Watch this video to understand why these books are one of the best on PMP, Globally.
Plans Vs Documents - Understand the Difference

Plans are different from Documents. However when it comes to PMP Exams many candidates are unable to distinguish the two thus making mistakes in their understanding of PMP Questions. Watch this video to clarify your doubts.
LOOK INSIDE - The Amazing Coverage On Each Topic In This Site

This is a mesh-up from parts of the actual video among the video packages that are provided inside. Checkout the amazing coverage, explanation style and depth of content to ensure that you understand everything about that topic to ace PMP Exams
20 PMP Guided Questions - WebinarWeekdays

20 Guided PMP Questions done to ensure that you understand how to approach and answer such PMP Questions. These questions are based on PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.
Knowledge Vs Skills

Watch this video to completely understand the difference between "Knowledge" and "Skills".
Reasons Why Project Management Is Gaining Importance.

Project Management is gaining a lot of importance and would continue so for the foreseeable future. In this well researched video, understand the exact reasons why and how knowing this can have a direct effect on your career.
Foundational Reasons Behind Risk Management

Understand the foundational reason for Risk Management. Most people undertake "Risk Management" as Academic Exercise or just "Paperwork for Compliance" and hence miss the the most practical reason why Risk Management is important.
Communicating Vs Speaking

Know the real difference between "Speaking" and "Communicating".